Posted: 15 Nov, 2018 by Peggy Dorf

Prioritizing delivery time over efficiency adds to transportation and logistics costs, and those costs will inevitably be passed on. Either consumers will pay more for the merchandise, or stockholders will lose out when they invest in those retailers.

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Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 by Matt Sullivan

(UPDATED NOV 20, 2018)   Fall has been relatively quiet for freight, but all signs show that retail shipments are about to kick into gear. Trucks are in high demand on the West Coast, as imports move east from the ports. Los Angeles volumes and prices are already starting to spike. Higher load-...

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Posted: 02 Nov, 2018 by Pat Pitz

More than 25 million Christmas trees will be sold this year, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. But few people will ever give a thought to how their tree got from the farm to their local Christmas tree lot.  We wondered. So we asked Carl Johnson, President of Pac West Transpo...

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Posted: 10 Oct, 2018 by Peggy Dorf

Hurricane Michael has made landfall with the Florida panhandle as a very scary Category 4. That is the second-highest category, with winds of 130 to 156 MPH. You can imagine what kind of damage that can do to buildings and highways, let alone a truck, so if you are in or near the Gulf Coast of Flori...

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Posted: 18 Sep, 2018 by Pat Pitz

While the winds of Hurricane Florence have subsided, the effects of the hurricane will be felt for weeks and months to come. More than 30 people have died in storm-related incidents and several towns remain flooded. Some rivers have not yet crested, which could bring more damage. In North Carolina a...

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Posted: 31 Aug, 2018 by Mark Montague

In the first half of the year, the spot market in Texas was boiling over, with not nearly enough trucks to cover the growing demand for freight. In the past month, the market’s been pretty tepid. What happened? Pipeline capacity issues in West Texas are part of the explanation. Drilling in the...

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