Michele Greene

Michele Greene is a Certified Transportation Broker and serves as Director of Product Management at DAT Solutions.

Posted: 22 Aug, 2014 by Michele Greene

I recently read an article on handling online reviews and it is so appropriate for our marketplace that I thought I would summarize a few key takeaways. The article emphasizes how absolutely essential it is to manage your on-line reputation. It quotes a study that reports that 88% of consumers surve...

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Posted: 20 Aug, 2014 by Michele Greene

Wouldn’t it be great if an oil company mailed you a check for $565 each year? That’s not likely. However, DAT offers a free mobile app that could save you that much and more, just by finding the cheapest nearby fuel. The Fuel Prices function on the MyDAT® Trucker mobile app uses GPS to locate the ne...

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Posted: 11 Aug, 2014 by Michele Greene

As leaders in the House and Senate take their August recess, it’s a good time for a status report on legislative issues that affect brokers and the trucking industry. Governmental regulations can have a huge impact on overall truck capacity. Even regulations targeted at carriers ultimately affect th...

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Posted: 04 Apr, 2014 by Michele Greene

In the March 14 blog post "Say Goodbye to Excess Truckload Capacity," our industry pricing manager Mark Montague mentions several factors that are putting a squeeze on capacity. Weather-related delays and low inventories, combined with a steadily improving economy, are increasing demand. Meanwhile,...

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