Kevin Scullin

Kevin Scullin is the product manager for DAT CarrierWatch carrier qualification services, including the CarrierWatch insurance monitoring center and rapid onboarding tools.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2017 by Kevin Scullin

This week the National Academy of Sciences released its long-awaited study of the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program. The report makes recommendations for improving the way FMCSA uses its data to assign safety rankings to carriers, and it recommends that the FMCSA study the ...

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Posted: 06 Jun, 2017 by Kevin Scullin

This week the FMCSA announced that it has withdrawn its proposed rulemaking which could have called for an increase in carrier liability insurance. That's good news for both carriers and brokers, because a steep increase in insurance requirements would have added extra costs at a time when many carr...

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Posted: 17 May, 2017 by Kevin Scullin

You pride yourself on using the latest technology. Yet, when it comes to onboarding a new carrier, are you still using FAX technology from the 1980s? Here's a solution.

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Posted: 11 Apr, 2017 by Kevin Scullin

Here are five new regulations that freight brokers should be aware of—either because they apply to brokers directly, or because the rules will have an impact on truckload capacity.

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